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Jodi and Heather, blog authors

What do you get when two friends find themselves navigating retirement together?

Welcome to Friendsville Square!

It’s a place to find tales, tips, and tricks about topics we care about, including family, travel, hobbies, holidays, and other life stages.

We’re Heather and Jodi! Many years ago – oh, so many – we met in college and soon after graduation found ourselves members of a group of seven strong women who have navigated career and family alongside each other for the past 40+ years. Our recent retirements led us to create this space to share our experiences, interests, and insights with new friends like you!

When friends get together …

We all know what happens. We talk about it all – from kids to spouses, projects to bosses, floor cleaners to throw pillows, and kids camps to nursing homes. It runs the gamut. It will be the kind of conversations you have with a friend up on the town square sitting on a park bench before you grab a bite at the local diner.

It’s about the little things. Okay, and maybe the big things, too.

That’s what you’ll find at Friendsville Square – ideas on life’s many pressures (work!) and pleasures (food!) with take-aways to make life a little easier – or even happier. On occasion we’ll feature guest bloggers from our gal group of seven. Other contributors will be college friends or those we’ve met along the way.

Come on in and stay awhile. We’ll leave the light on.

We invite you to check back weekly for new posts and to follow us on our socials where we will share some weekly “faves” and other positive content. Just fill out this form to subscribe to our weekly emails.

See ya around the Square!

Heather McDorman

I’m Heather. I retired in 2021 after 32 years as a higher ed communicator. With my husband Bob, we raised our (now adult) son Liam just west of St. Louis. I love my family and our two Aussies, growing roses, winning fantasy football, going to movies, traveling, exploring new lunch spots with friends, and following Olympic-level figure skating.

Jodi Blake

I’m Jodi. After 35 years in corporate instructional design and technical writing, I retired – also in 2021. Hubby Dan and I recently relocated from Chicago back to St. Louis. We have a daughter Rachael, a special education teacher, and a son Ryan, a senior at the University of Illinois. When not blogging, I enjoy quilting and cross stitch, studying Italian, and watching soccer and tennis.

Friends of Friendsville Square

Our thanks to our friends who help to create and support our blog site.

Aimee Felter

Aimee Felter
Graphic Design

Aimee is an award-winning graphic designer based in St. Louis, MO. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the city with her husband, Corey, and taking on home improvement projects for their century-old home.

Ashlee Brockgreitens

Ashlee Brockgreitens
Web Development

Ashlee is a freelance graphic designer and web developer currently located in Jacksonville, FL. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her family at the beach.

Keith Greenwood

Keith Greenwood

Keith met the Friendsville Square group as another student at Northeast Missouri State University where he spent many hours in radio studios, darkrooms and on the marching band field. His goals of owning radio stations took a left turn to photojournalism and he’s now part of the faculty at the Missouri School of Journalism. You can contact him at

Jay Scherder

Jay Scherder

Jay is the Communications Senior Manager for the Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis - the largest public funder of art in St. Louis since 1985. He lives in St. Charles with his wife, two kids and three dogs. 

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