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Pin It! What's on My Good to Know Pinterest Board

Digital tablet that displays the login page for the Pinterest app is sitting on a teal-stained wood planks with white earbuds laying next to the tablet

Tidbits of information – really helpful when you need them. But where do you keep them for later use? With Pinterest, I found my solution.

Several years ago, I checked out the Pinterest app and was immediately hooked. I started all kinds of “boards” to organize and store lots of ideas, tips, and resources from “pins” that fellow Pinterest users had created on the app.

Of course, I have boards for my hobbies: quilting, cross stitch, language, crafts, cardmaking, books to read, photography, gardening, decorating, etc. You get the idea! 😊

  • I have my practical and professional sides, too, with boards for cleaning tips, organization, health and fitness, job hunting, blogging, TED talks, and computer tips.

  • My family might laugh if they knew how many food-related pins I’ve saved since I’m not a frequent cook. (You never know when you need a new recipe, though!) Special occasions, events and activities have their own boards, too.

  • As my son was working on his Eagle Scout rank for Boy Scouts, I scoured Pinterest for court of honor ceremony ideas and then selected the ones he and I liked best when it was time to plan his ceremony.

  • Now that my daughter is engaged, I’m looking forward to sharing wedding-related boards with her. She’s a Pinterest “expert” as well!

  • Finally, there are the “just-for-fun” boards that include pins for Disney, AS Roma (Italian pro soccer team), art I like, products and toys from my childhood, theater/musicals, favorite quotations, color, and humor.

With 100+ Pinterest boards, you’d think I would already have a good category to place any new pin I wanted to keep. Well, I surprised myself on this one, too. I still need a miscellaneous-type board for those random but still useful and pin-worthy tidbits of information. That’s when I decided to create my Good to Know board as a catchall spot.

So, let me share some of the “good-to-know treasures” I’ve saved for future reference. You might want to pin them on one of your boards. If you aren’t a current Pinterest user, I hope to inspire you to check out the app for yourself.

Help Around the House

I’m always interested in tips that help my family and me live more comfortably at home. The following pins will come in handy throughout the year.

Home-related Pinterest pin graphics from my Good to Know board

I can never remember how to set the ceiling fan rotation to work best with air conditioning in the warmer months and heating in the colder months. I’ll be checking this pin every few months.

Sometimes you really NEED to read the manual! If you don’t have an instruction manual, then don’t fear – you can probably find it online. The linked article for this pin walks through some general tips for locating the correct instruction manual and then lists several places you can search – from Google to several instruction manual archive/library sites.

Anyone else struggle with neatly folding fitted sheets? I remember my Aunt Carol showing her daughter Lynn and me how to fold these sheets when we were young girls. Although I have improved my skill level over many years, the end result still isn’t that great. I’m going to refer to this pin (written instructions are in the linked article) and keep practicing.

Pest Control Strategies

I’m fine with critters out in nature, just not as hospitable when they bite, sting, or want to take up residence inside my home. These pins will come in handy if pests show up.

Pest control-related Pinterest pin graphics from my Good to Know board

If you’ve battled with these pesky fruit flies or gnats like I have – usually because I let overripe bananas sit on my kitchen counter too long, then this pin will be useful to you.

A few years ago, our house became the winter retreat for mice! After we realized where they were likely getting into the house, we used a copper mesh similar to the steel wool (first tip mentioned) to plug the hole around a pipe that went through our exterior wall. No more mice getting in!

This pin doesn’t have an article linked, but the tip is super easy to follow from the pin graphic. What could be easier than sacrificing a cucumber to ward off those pesky bees and wasps when you’re eating outside? I’ll be ready to try this tip at an upcoming BBQ with friends!

One pest I truly detest getting into my house is the stink bug. Not only are they UGLY, but they emit a foul-smelling odor if you squash them. If I spot one of these horrid little intruders inside, I grab the hand vac and suck it up. Eventually they die inside the vacuum (without any odor), and then I empty the vacuum. I also grab them with a big wad of tissues and flush them in the toilet (again, no odor!). One tip from this pin I also want to try is rubbing highly scented dryer sheets on our window screens to deter them from our house in the first place.

Might Need to Know

As expected, some of my pins on this board are just random bits of information that I might need to know or use someday, so they made the cut.

Random informational Pinterest pin graphics from my Good to Know board

This pin could help us reuse plastic containers for food storage, home organization, or craft projects.

I’m sure we’ve all had one or both ends of a shoelace start to ravel because the aglet broke or fell off. You’ll find one or more great ways to save that shoelace in the linked article. The simplest method: wrapping clear cellophane tape around the fraying end.

Any Scrabble or Words With Friends fans out there? This pin is perfect for us! I knew some of them already, but not the longest word with all vowels (EUOUAE) or longest word with all consonants (CRWTHS). All 25 words are shown on the pin’s graphic. Good luck in your next game!

If you’re new to Pinterest, let me know what you think of the app and what you’re finding to pin on your first boards. For my fellow Pinterest fans, what boards have you created? Let me know in the comments!


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Jul 21, 2023

Over a hundred "boards"--DANG! 😲 I'm not on Pinterest (my daughter is), and I'm curious: Is there a system of organization to the individual boards (like alphabetically by title) so that you can find them again more easily?

And, belated congratulations to both your son and your daughter--wonderful news for each! 💕


Jul 20, 2023

Great Scrabble words (gonna try to memorize at least some of them 🤞). And the warmest wishes to your daughter and her partner on their upcoming nuptials. How exciting!

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